About Company

Neurocrafts is formed as an independent entity conducting research in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Neurocrafts has its own research facilities setting up cutting edge High Processing Computing Lab. It aims at supporting the clients with its research outputs. Neurocrafts team has excelled at providing intelligent image and video analysis tools that facilitate new ways of understanding and analysing visual data.

We, at Neurocrafts provides AI optimization tools to its clients to help them operate more efficiently and effectively, creating new products, and accelerate business models. Read more

Our Research


Model Cleaver

Neurocrafts developed a cloud-based solution that automatically prunes and quantizes a given model. Read more

Scalable Video Analytics

Scalable Video Analytics is a library of optimized and quantized deep learning models aimed at solving various CV/ML/NLP problems. Read more


AI@Edge is a hardware unit that empowers legacy edge devices with AI power. This acts as a bump-in-wire for existing video surveillance nodes. Read more



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